Infrastructure & Facilities

It is the academic environment that inspires the student’s intellectual abilities. Sri Sai has been in the forefront in providing the needed infrastructure and resource support to the students.

Be it the spacious and well-ventilated classrooms or the state-of-the-art labs everything is established with utmost care and concern. The resourceful labs, equipment, apparatus, materials etc. for experiments in each department operate independently and with the much needed support and guidance from the expert faculty the student’s learning abilities are increased manifold.

Apart from the infrastructure mentioned, the college has recently established a placement cell for providing a window to the job opportunities in the market and an exclusive English language Lab was established to fine tune the English language skills of the students and a high speed broadband internet connection was provided in the computer labs to provide uninterrupted access to the resources on the world wide web.


The college library divided into two sections: the News paper & magazine section and the Reading & Reference section. The library holdings include over 6000 books on various subjects like Computer Science, Management, Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Microbiology, Commerce, Economics etc. The Library also subscribes to several newspapers, magazines & journals. Students have access to the library on all working days from 9.00 am to 5.00 p.m. where they are assisted by trained professionals.

Internet Center

The students are provided access to broadband internet during and after the working hours of the college from where the students can get unlimited information about the developments in their respective fields of study.


Computer Science

Three well established labs with around 100 systems connected in LAN.

The First Lab consists of 30 Pentium PCs with the latest configurations connected to a server in Unix and Windows environment. The other two labs are connected to the internal servers with Novell Netware. All the three servers are connected to provide access to the different networking environments and software and the labs also have Internet facility.


Two fully equipped and spacious labs.

First lab : All the required testing and measuring apparatus – Microprocessor Kits, ADC, DAC, Timer Units, Oscilloscopes, Digital Multimeters etc.

Second lab: Equipped to perform advanced experiments in studying the behaviour of Microwaves, Integrated circuits, R.F Circuits etc.

Also acquired circuit simulation software such as Multisim, Matlab, Tutsim etc. to facilitate the students in analyzing and designing the circuits in hand prior to putting them to practice.


The Department of Microbiology completed seven years of excellent service. The lab consists equipment like Autoclave, Incubator, Inoculation chamber, UV chamber, Spectrophotometer, Colorimeters and a Distillation unit.


First lab: Equipment related to Mechanics, Heat, Modern Physics and Electronics.

Second lab: Darkroom facility for experiments related to optics.

The college acquired various equipment such as Photocell, Spectrophotometers, Traveling Microscopes, Optical Benches etc.

The students at Sri Sai are introduced to demonstrations and experimentation under the expert guidance of Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy, and Prof. K. Rama Reddy, former Dean, Faculty of Science, O.U. and presently Chairman, Governing body of the College.


In tune with the global trends, the Biotechnology course was introduced and a lab equipped with Horizontal Laminar Airflow bench, Slab Gel Electrophoresis, Incubator, Hot air oven, Autoclave, Single Pan Balance, Electronic balance, Digital PH meters, Remi revolutionary high speed centrifuge, UV Spectrophotometer, Chromatography chambers with accessories, Water still, Remi magnetic stirrer with hot plate etc. was established under the guidance of Dr. Kavi Kishore, Professor and In charge of Bio-Technology Course in O.U.


Two chemistry labs in addition to a Semi-micro analysis lab and balance room.

First lab: Used for Organic Synthesis and for functional group analysis in which chromatography chambers with accessories are provided.

Second lab: Equipped with required volumetric analysis apparatus. Modern gas connections are provided for both labs.

A Digital PH meter, Spectrophotometer, Digital Conductometer, Centrifuge machine and a Single Pan Balance are provided. Distillation units are provided in each lab.


The Biochemistry lab is equipped with instruments like Single Pan Balance, Digital PH meter, Incubators, Spectrophotometers, Refrigerator, Distillation Unit and a Chromatography chamber with accessories is also available.

Language Lab

A Language laboratory is established to improve the language skills of the students. The lab helps the students in improving their pronunciation, communication skills, report writing and documentation. the lab is equipped with software, audio & Video CDs and DVDs. The software from ‘Linguaphone’ has been acquired to train the students in English.